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Design and Methodolgy

Developing digital products is complex, requiring focus on understanding the product vision and a clear analysis of user needs. Friday Sundae help de-risk the production of digital products by providing clear design pathways with value driven, measurable outputs.

Using an evidence based approach, we help clients identify needs, wants and requirements, by applying deep level user needs mapping. Armed with this, we rigorously explore the best ways to deliver rich experiences with a frictionless user experience.

The success of digital products is defined the people using it. Friday Sundae design products that acquire, engage and retain users. We embedded growth strategies into the product design, allowing us to test, measure and collect feedback, long after delivery.

For us, product design is an on-going process of iteration through usage analyse and feedback. Using this methodology, Friday Sundae deliver products and experiences that exceed  expectations and delight clients and users alike.

Phase One

Exploration and Design

Our development process typically begins with a robust exploration phase, during which we develop an understanding of the product vision and an analysis of user needs.

We utilised the popular double diamond methodology to help discover, define, develop and deliver our products in a way that fosters innovate and creative solutions, whilst also remaining in-scope and on schedule.

Users are at the heart of everything we create. To design the best solution possible, we do user research, plot experience maps, create personas and develop scenarios and/or storyboards.

The end result is a  series of design proposals that are evidence-based and user-centric.

Phase Two

Development and Iteration

Following the discovery phase, we typically began a series of 3-5 day sprints, in order to develop a series of prototypes, based on the most popular proposals.

Post-it notes are converted to Kanban boards on JIRA, and wireframes evolve in to UI and UX.

Over the course of several sprints, we continue to refine the product through experience maps, using them to reveal user needs, wishes and possible pain points.

This process of iteration, diverging and converging over several milestones, allows an agile build process that keeps stalkholders and user needs at the heart of the development pipeline.

Phase Three

Delivery and Support

For us, delivery is more that just the product and deployment. Delivery is not a destination, but a journey that extends over the course of it’s first run with users.

For us, delivery is an ongoing process of support, feedback and  iteration via updates. Product launches are not the end, but the beginning to learn from users and refine the product.

Throughout the release phase, Friday Sundae provide support not only for the product, but also growth strategies to extend the product value.

Our Projects

Selected Works

Friday Sundae have worked with many clients and projects since our formation in 2017. Our team have delivered creative solutions and successful outcomes to a wide variety of briefs. Take a look at some of our recent case studies.

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The Sundaes

Among us you’ll find game developers, writers, marketeers, artists, animators and educators. Together we create projects that delight our clients and their audiences alike.

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Our Approach

For us, product design is an on-going process of iteration through usage analyse and feedback. Using this methodology, Friday Sundae deliver products and experiences that exceed expectations.

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There’s always a lot going on with Team Sundae. Check some of our latest news and get some sneak peeks at our latest projects, collaborations and experiments.

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