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Education and Gamification

Friday Sundae work with educators and course leaders to develop a range of interactive tools and gamified content for education. Together with subject matter experts, we produce engaging and accessible content, centred around real learning objectives and measurable learning outcomes.

We’ve helped museums, universities and schools connect with their students in  engaging and novel ways, using technology and gamification to create compelling learning experiences that facilitates the learning process, both inside and outside the classroom.

Friday Sundae Studio utilise a full spectrum of user-centric design methodologies, when approaching the design of our educational products. We see ourselves as problem solvers and creative enablers, helping our clients unlock their ideas and create innovative solutions for education and learning.

We create content for...

Kids and Teens

Friday Sundae make learning applications, and games and gamified experiences that making learning fun and motivates students to stay focused on the subject.

We do this by using clever feedback loops and retention mechanics taken from game design theory, and tuned towards learning. These positive feedback loops creates feelings of wonder, delight or achievement. Helping students to develop knowledge, comprehensions and ultimately, application of the subject matter.

Our approached to digital learning is technology agnostic. We work with teachers, educators and STEM consultants to create learning programs that can be applied across the full spectrum of digital media, from tablet based experiences to virtual reality.

Using embedded, real time data analysis, we can use micro adjustments to tune the user experience, and help personalise the learning experience to provide just the right amount of support for each child. To find out more about Friday Sundae’s approach to children’s learning using digital tools, just get in touch.

We work with...

Universities & Higher Education

Applied games and interactive training has numerous applications within the adult and university learning space, from simulation training to the learning support.

We focus on learning outcomes that track how the learner is able to apply new knowledge in a real-world context, rather than on just being able to recite information.

VR is a good solution for highly technical training fields like the military or the medical industry. For example, the most significant challenge for medical students learning anatomy is understanding the body in three dimensions and how different systems fit together. VR education can help overcome this problem.

We design content for...

Workplace Training

Friday Sundae develop immersive and interactive experiences for employee training and safety. Gamified digital media can be used as an effective training tool to teach managers and employees on how to effectively handle situations can be difficult, experience or impossible to simulate in real life.

We help clients with everything from the initial idea, through concepts, scripts, storyboards, 3D modelling, motion design to postproduction. We can develop 3D environments and realistic human characters for interaction.

From customer relations training to fire safety and conflict resolution, Friday Sundae use Unity 3D as a multi-platform immersive toolset, and build our own technologies on top of it.

Our Projects

Selected Works

Friday Sundae have worked with many clients and projects since our formation in 2017. Our team have delivered creative solutions and successful outcomes to a wide variety of briefs. Take a look at some of our recent case studies.

Our Team

The Sundaes

Among us you’ll find game developers, writers, marketeers, artists, animators and educators. Together we create projects that delight our clients and their audiences alike.

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Our Approach

For us, product design is an on-going process of iteration through usage analyse and feedback. Using this methodology, Friday Sundae deliver products and experiences that exceed expectations.

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The Studio

There’s always a lot going on with Team Sundae. Check some of our latest news and get some sneak peeks at our latest projects, collaborations and experiments.

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